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At Carr Junior School

Parent and child


Duckling lessons are for parent and babies from the age of six months. The pool water is kept very warm so confidence building, splashing and learning can be enjoyed by both adult and child.

The Duckling Awards are the Amateur Swimming Association's levelling system for babies to five years, which we teach from birth (or when you feel ready to start you and your child's learning experience together) until the child is ready to learn alone (from 3 years for the preschool class).

As you can appreciate, there is a big difference in concentration between a six month and a four year old so we split the classes not in to ability but age groups.

My recommendation before lessons commence, is to have fun in the water together and gain water confidence in the bath and shower.

A swimming pool has lots of new sounds and smells that can be frightening at first. Been able to relax together and be able to have a whine and a cry if the mood takes you!

This is sometimes easier when you don't feel as if the rest of the class may be looking! But everyone has been there before and probably remembering when their child was doing the same as some point! 

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