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Meet the Team


Susanne is the Owner of the family run business.

She teachers adult and baby / child (loves a nursery rhyme!). 

Susanne also teaches children lessons from beginner to pre competition.

She loves teaching Rookie lifesaving, but her real joy comes when a pupil has over come a struggle or achieves that first independent swim, you'll find she jumps for joy and cheers loudly!

Susanne also teaches Adults from beginners to stroke technique. 

Picture of Edie by freya.JPG

Edie learn to swim as a child with FLSS she is our latest addition to

rise from learning to teaching. She loves to teach Butterfly & diving

Charlotte love to teach the fundamental skills that all contribute to learning how to swim to the children in the first stages because it is so rewarding to see all the pieces come together as the children move up!

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