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Challenge awards

At St Peter's School

To make straddle entry into water of at least full reach depth, swim 5 meters into a piked surface-dive to retrieve an object weighing approximately 2kg from water of full reach depth; carry the object using backstroke or sidestroke for a distance of 20 meters, to land it on the poolside

Skull 10 meters head-first on the back; complete a back somersault finishing in a back layout position; perform a roll to take up a front layout in a fully extended prone position; carry out a front somersault finishing in a front layout position; tuck and rotate backwards into a back layout position and continue to scull feet first for 15 meters (throughout all sculling positions, the hands must be kept together on or near the surface of the water);

Swim 200 meters front crawl, and either 100 meters breast stroke or 50 meters butterfly. A change of stroke may only occur every 100 meters;(except for butterfly).

Swim 500 meters freestyle, during which, surface-dive twice head-first and twice feet first; on each surface-dive, swim through two hoops 4 meters apart without surfacing; (the tops of the hoops are to be at least 1 meter below the surface of the water).

While trying to achieve the Honnors award,other badges will be worked towards.Inc distance and School Speed awards

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