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Challenge awards

At The Mount School

& St Peter's School

Plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth and swim 100 meters in two minutes, thirty seconds or less, using two different strokes, 50 meters of each

Tread water for three minutes with one hand remaining above the head throughout. The arm raised may be changed no more than 5 times

Scull head-first on the back for 10 meters, move into a tucked position and turn through 360  keeping the head above the water.

Return to the starting point by sculling feet first with the feet at or near the surface throughout and the hands close to the hips

Swim 10 meters, perform a forward somersault without touching the pool bottom and continue to swim in the same direction for a further 10 meters;

Swim 800 meters using three of the following strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, English backstroke or side stroke for a minimum distance of 200 meters per stroke. A change of stroke may only occur every 100 meters. This swim to be completed in twenty-five minutes;

Climb out at the deep end without assistance.

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While trying to achieve the Gold award, other badges will be worked toward. Inc distance and School Speed awards

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