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stage one badge and cert pic.png
stage one badge and cert pic.png
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Stage One - Learn to Swim Scheme - Mainly taught at Carr Junior School and The Mount School.

Once a child reaches the age of four they can join lessons on their own.

Confident children at this age should be able to achieve basic stroke co-ordination with the use of swim aids.

Water confidence is needed to pass this level, which includes putting their face in the water.

When good co-ordination has been achieved, for breast stroke, back stroke and front crawl over the distance of 5m; the child will move to the next level.

If you continue swimming at the same time as lessons, confidence grows and swimming will become enjoyable and more relaxed. Children then achieve more!

Please don’t worry if your child doesn't want to practice when you take them swimming. This is their time to enjoy the water and have fun.

Teaching swimming to your child is a mile stone like learning to drive. And like learning to drive it is less frustrating and far quicker if you don’t teach your own!!

We also work with older children to become water confident, over come any fears and improve all four strokes, breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl and butterfly.

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